Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Remote Spirit Release~Things That Go Bump in the Night

Having been brought up with a Mum who was spiritualist from around my early teens, I am not unaccustomed to stories of Ghosts or Spirits. I have sat in development circles to develop my own abilities, but I still struggle when it happens on my home ground. Since my eldest was a few weeks old, I’ve been fortunate enough that he has always slept through the night. We always know that there is something the matter if he wakes. In the past he has proven to be sensitive to spirits by being unable to settle in a room that on closer inspection had a spirit entity in that wasn't best pleased to have been discovered. We know that this is what made Kai unable to settle because once the presence had been moved on, Kai went straight to bed without problem and slept through. Every now and again we have weird things happen, or a series of nights when Kai wakes during the night. We've had the microwave turn itself on, lights flashing while we're sitting watching the TV and toys turning themselves on. Enough about the past, the recent events are what I mean to talk about. Last week after warming Alanas’ breakfast milk in the microwave, I went into the lounge to give it to her. I heard the microwave turn itself on in the kitchen, Kai was in the room with me and no-one else was in the house. As I said earlier, we have had this happen before, over a period of a few days the microwave would turn itself on, with no-one in the kitchen or the timer would change with you standing beside it. It hasn't happened though for a good few months. So back to the recent events, I went into the kitchen and opened the door, knowing it couldn't turn itself on, if the door was open. So on my way back in the lounge, I hear the timer increasing as though someone was upping it. We were in a rush to get breakfast eaten ready to go to dance class, so I just unplugged the microwave and left it. In the evening I spoke to my Mum who does Remote Spirit Release and has in the past helped to clear my house of its extra visitors. As she was heading out, she said she would scan the house and get back to me. Remote Spirit Release is helping earth bound spirits, who for whatever reason have failed to pass over. There are a number of programmes on the telly like “Ghost Whisperer” and “Medium” or “Living with the Dead” that show the Medium helping the spirits to cross over by actually being there. Remote spirit release works in the same way, however there is no actual requirement for the medium to be present, they can link into the energy of a building, location or person from anywhere in the world, for more information please check out Elen’s site. That night, I tried in a quiet moment just before bed to visualise my house and see if there was "anybody there", as I was trying to move through the downstairs of my house in my minds eye I saw a series of cartoon scary faces, this to me meant I was either very imaginative (I can be when the need arises) or there was someone or more likely a number of people around. So I decided to leave it to Mum. For a second night in a row Kai woke and came downstairs only an hour after going down. Kai was becoming more and more challenging in his behaviour and the way he spoke to me each day, not his normal self. The worst night we had before it was sorted, Alana could be heard before we went to bed, she'd cry out once, then go back to sleep calling out again a few minutes later. Mark, who rarely remembers his dreams enough to tell me about them, dreamt he'd driven the car off the road into a field then crashed it. I had an ongoing waking dream that was a cross between my art software I’d been using and a game. A new layer in the artwork I was working on kept appearing called ghost (amazing the subtleness of the human subconscious huh.) I got so worked up by this waking dream that when I woke needing to spend a penny I didn’t want to go out in the hall. Kai woke before 5am, got taken back to his room by Daddy, (who says there aren't benefits to not being the favourite parent). He returned within 30mins claiming to want his potty but not wanting actually go on it. Daddy then gave up put Kai in bed with me and went to sleep downstairs. Kai kept trying to talk to me about going down to see his Dad, while I kept trying to get him to go back to sleep. He did at around 6:50 and then the alarm went off at 7am as we had plans for the day. So a very tired, disturbed bunch of people got up for the day. We went out for a while and had a late lunch when we returned about 2pm. Mark made himself a microwave burger and didn’t unplug it. True to form the microwave turned itself on again. I spoke to my Mum and she said she'd been through the house; there had been a number of entities there. One spirit had been reluctant to leave, but she felt she'd managed to help a lot of spirits pass over (head into to the light). I asked when she'd worked on the house and she said during the morning so I told her about the microwave. She told me about the spirit who'd been reluctant to leave and that it has been quite draining on her, but when she felt better she would try the house again. A few hours later I got a call back, saying she'd cleared the house again, there had been a ghost, who'd been so reluctant to leave, and a couple who he'd been intimidating into not crossing over too. I plugged in the microwave and since that last call not once has it turned itself on again of it’s own accord. Since then we've all slept better, no electrical disturbances, Kai's behaviour has settled down a bit and almost back to his normal self. To the sceptics out there they could say it was a fault with the microwave (that suddenly happened to correct itself once a scan and clearing had been carried out). The dreams were because we’d been talking about “ghosts” in the house. I know that individually these things don’t seem to indicate a problem or a ghost in the traditional sense, but to me I know how they tend to try and attract my attention. So if you’re experiencing anything a little unusual, that you can’t find a “rational” explanation for, be open to investigating the possibility of a supernatural cause. The presence of a ghost / entity may be identified by certain symptoms: • Change in a person’s behaviour or mood • Thoughts that don’t feel like your own. • Unusual smells in a room • Sudden change in temperature/atmosphere in a room • The feeling of being watched • Child or animal’s dislike of a certain room • Disturbed sleep, waking up feeling tired • Light bulbs blow frequently, lights flashing on and off, or electrical equipment malfunctions • Objects that move on their own or go missing, or go bump in the night. I know what I believe in and it works for me and my family. If you don’t believe in ghosts and an afterlife then you can ignore this blog and have a good laugh at my expense, but if you are experiencing similar things or just want to talk about your beliefs, feel free to contact me or even better speak to an expert. So “who you gonna call??? Ghostbusters!”


  1. EEeeeek. Scary goings on in the Haines household...Hope things calm down!! Halloween is fast approaching :) The amount of things I have seen in my house while I was growing up, even as someone who doesn't necessarily believe or understand, some of this stuff can't be disputed.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the disturbances in your home and to bother you, but I have a question. My microwave has what can only be described as "beeping sessions". It happens only so often sometimes not for months at a time and sometimes for a couple of days. It will beep for about 1-2 minutes the timer rapidly changing. Usually ending with a 66:66, 99:99, 00:00 display time. At first I assumed it was because it may be a malfunction, but it just happened a minute ago. After just letting it do what it does instead of trying to stop it, I listened carefully and it sounds like morse code. It has short and long beeps. I can't decipher what the message would "say". My question though is can spirit communicate through appliances and if so what about morse code. Does my theory make sense? Otherwise I have a perfectly good microwave. Good luck.

  3. Jen,
    I am by no means saying that all microwave issues are spirit related, but it's just one possibility.
    Regarding the morse code, it's possible if the spirit knew or used it a lot when alive it might be their way of getting through.
    I hope this sorts itself for you soon.